Summer Time Essentials

Hello everyone! 
Over the last couple of weeks the weather in the UK has been amazing! 
I know this probably isn't too much of a big deal in a lot of countries, but in here, in Enlgand, the sun is a VERY big deal and as soon as it comes out people rush outside and soak it up as much as possible!
so I thought i'd do a blog post about some summer essentials and what ill be taking on holiday as iv been dong some summer shopping recently :) 

Rose Makeup Bag - Laura Ashley
They're Real Mascara - Benefit 
Liner Clubbing - Bourjois
SPF 15 foundation powder - bareMinerals
Creaseless Cream Shadow Bikini-Tini - Benefit
45 Mineral Powder Brush - Sephora

This is my summer day-to-day makeup bag, I love summer make up bags because you hardly need anything in them! Iv always found the Bourjois Clubbing Liners really useful as the brush is very small and thin so you can create eyeliner flicks really well! I was walking past a benefit counter and noticed that the eyeshadows and creaseless creams had been repackaged which made me extremely excited and I knew I had to get hold of one! I got the colour Bikini-Tini  which is a gorgeous pinky-shimmery colour and is perfect to use on its own or as a highlight for the corner of your eyes and on your brow bone! 

Limited Edition The Happening Palette - NARS

This is the limited addition NARS palette, im so happy I managed to get my hands on it as everywhere I looked it was sold out! its a gorgeous palette which contains a blusher (Orgasm), a bronzer (Luguna) and 4 small eyeshadows a white with gold, a light brown with gold, a purple with gold and a matte dark brown.
I love this palette and will be using it a lot all year around as its everything you need in a palette!

Textured Nail Effect 310 Ridley Road - BarryM

Recently iv been really loving pastel colours for spring especially on my nails! I saw BarryM's new textured nail varnishes in Boots and was immediately drawn in! I got the Mint Green colour, from what I saw there was also a yellow and a light blue colour too! BarryM never fails to surprise me when it comes to nail varnish as they're constantly coming up with weird and wonderful ideas! :)  
I enjoyed using this nail varnish and its amazing how it works! its easy to apply, dries matte and turns slightly bobbly!

My Place or Yours Gina - Benefit

Iv found myself going back to to my favourite perfume from a couple of years back recently and I've reminded myself why I loved it so much! like all their perfumes the bottle is shaped like a cocktail shaker and decorated with bright eye catching colours and patterns! This perfume is very woody, sexy and feminine with raspberry undertones.

 Light Brown Aviators - Ray-Ban L.A 

Protect&Bronze SPF 30 - Nivea

Of course summer wouldn't be complete without sunglasses and sun cream! Firstly, my Ray-Bans, I cant go anywhere without my sunglasses! They are perfect for summer as the lens' adjust to the light which is useful for when your coming in and out of buildings..normally in my case, shopping! because you don't need to keep taking them on and off all the time! 
and then suncream as I am so pale and have very little pigmentation in my skin I tend to just burn and/or go freckly when they sun comes out but this sun cream is brilliant as it helps you tan and doesnt contain any fake tan so you dont have to worry about any uneven, orange streaks! I've been using it a lot of this recently while the sun has been out and iv found myself getting more of a tan then just burning!
 HUGE thumbs up from me! :) 

Hope you enjoyed the post!

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