Rihanna MAC Pleasure Bomb Lipstick Review

Hey there! 
So, This is a post which I had to share with you guys! 

For every girl who loves makeup as much as me would be aware of Rihanna's new collection for MAC, which completely sold out in just under 10 minutes!!
After waiting and waiting I finally managed to get my hands on the RiRi Hearts MAC collection and got her "break-through" lipstick Pleasure Bomb! 

I can totally understand what all the fuss is about, its a beautiful Matte Fuchsia Pink. I was extremely worried about this lipstick being too neon to wear over christmas, but its quite a cool pink with slight cool red/blue undertones (which makes your teeth look sparkly white -who wouldn't want that?!) and is very wearable. 

Also, as this isn't like a pure red lipstick you don't have to go very bear on the eyes (so for girls like me thats a relief) when I wear this lipstick I tend to go for a brown smokey eye which really complements it. 

The texture of the lipstick is surprisingly moisturising as, personally, I found the RiRi Woo quite drying. The staying power on this lipstick is, like every MAC lippy, VERY good. Its doesn't slide and smudge & looks beautiful if you line your lips before hand for the perfect 'going out' look. 

The packaging for the Rihanna MAC collections has always been beautiful, but I really think they have gone all they way with this christmas collection. They've opted for a beautiful rose-gold and white theme which finishes off your makeup counter perfectly and screams "wear me!!" & as I've got 0% will power it's been top of my list for this party season. 

The lipstick itself is £16.50 on the MAC website 

If you can get your hands on it, I 100% recommend it! 


Guess who's back?!

Hello lovelies!

I know, I haven't actually blogged in god knows how long! I've just been super busy finishing off the first year of college, In around March/April time I got asked to do a photo shoot with a 2nd year who was doing his Final Major Project of which I leaped to as I knew his fashion photography really is amazing, & he wanted to use the plastic bottle dress I made for my fashion project so all-in-all it was a win-win! 

 I then was getting through my summer with MORE college work running around London trying to find as much information on Fashion Designers as I possibly could AND on top of that i was working pretty much full time at my local garden centre! 
I, then, finally managed to get away from all the stress and went on an amazing holiday with Jack to Corfu in Greece, it was my first holiday away with out my parents and I will never forget it!

I've now started my second year of college and my-oh-my has time flown, i've been constantly doing course work since starting back and it just been a complete whirlwind -I can't believe it's christmas next week already! 
But things are going really well iv got lots of exiting things lined up for the new year to share with you guys and not to mention my 18th in January! which is super exciting :)

In october it was mine and jacks 2 years together (yep-already!) &as a huge surprise he took me up to London for the weekend and we stayed in the most beautiful hotel, with a view of the O2 arena outside our bedroom window across the river Thames, that evening he had arranged for us the walk over the top of it! (we got there, but it was cancelled due to 45mph winds *huge sad face*) then the next day we went to London Zoo!

Recently, I went to Bournemouth to meet up with my brother and his girlfriend who both live in Plymouth, so we all met half way and did a spot of Christmas shopping and walked around a little christmas market! It was beautiful there having winter strolls along the beach, seeing all the fairy lights around town and not to mention seeing the academy where we're all going to see McBusted next year! (AHHH!!)

I hope you all have enjoyed the post! 
&I promise ill be more frequent as I'm finding much more time in my day to blog! 

Any requests leave a comment!


Little update

Shirt - Primark 
Jumper - Topshop
Lipstick - MAC speed dial 
Hey everyone! 
Over the last couple of weeks I've been running around trying to sort out all my art coursework! Which has just been crazy as we're coming up to the end of the 1st year at college now *sad face* 
BUT, last week I fancied a bit of a change to my hair.."freshen up my style" i suppose you could say! so as you can see I now have a brown fringe, which makes me feel a bit more 'quirky' personally :) haha!
-let me know what you think of it! 
Also, as iv been working some extra hours recently, I ended up splashing out on the debenhams website (they have 10% off all beauty & perfume... I couldn't resist...) so, iv managed to get my hands on the MAC vanilla pigment..I'm literally so excited about this arriving as iv never used a pigment before :) 
Hope your all having a great week! 
&Let me know of any posts you'd like me to do! 



Summer Time Essentials

Hello everyone! 
Over the last couple of weeks the weather in the UK has been amazing! 
I know this probably isn't too much of a big deal in a lot of countries, but in here, in Enlgand, the sun is a VERY big deal and as soon as it comes out people rush outside and soak it up as much as possible!
so I thought i'd do a blog post about some summer essentials and what ill be taking on holiday as iv been dong some summer shopping recently :) 

Rose Makeup Bag - Laura Ashley
They're Real Mascara - Benefit 
Liner Clubbing - Bourjois
SPF 15 foundation powder - bareMinerals
Creaseless Cream Shadow Bikini-Tini - Benefit
45 Mineral Powder Brush - Sephora

This is my summer day-to-day makeup bag, I love summer make up bags because you hardly need anything in them! Iv always found the Bourjois Clubbing Liners really useful as the brush is very small and thin so you can create eyeliner flicks really well! I was walking past a benefit counter and noticed that the eyeshadows and creaseless creams had been repackaged which made me extremely excited and I knew I had to get hold of one! I got the colour Bikini-Tini  which is a gorgeous pinky-shimmery colour and is perfect to use on its own or as a highlight for the corner of your eyes and on your brow bone! 

Limited Edition The Happening Palette - NARS

This is the limited addition NARS palette, im so happy I managed to get my hands on it as everywhere I looked it was sold out! its a gorgeous palette which contains a blusher (Orgasm), a bronzer (Luguna) and 4 small eyeshadows a white with gold, a light brown with gold, a purple with gold and a matte dark brown.
I love this palette and will be using it a lot all year around as its everything you need in a palette!

Textured Nail Effect 310 Ridley Road - BarryM

Recently iv been really loving pastel colours for spring especially on my nails! I saw BarryM's new textured nail varnishes in Boots and was immediately drawn in! I got the Mint Green colour, from what I saw there was also a yellow and a light blue colour too! BarryM never fails to surprise me when it comes to nail varnish as they're constantly coming up with weird and wonderful ideas! :)  
I enjoyed using this nail varnish and its amazing how it works! its easy to apply, dries matte and turns slightly bobbly!

My Place or Yours Gina - Benefit

Iv found myself going back to to my favourite perfume from a couple of years back recently and I've reminded myself why I loved it so much! like all their perfumes the bottle is shaped like a cocktail shaker and decorated with bright eye catching colours and patterns! This perfume is very woody, sexy and feminine with raspberry undertones.

 Light Brown Aviators - Ray-Ban L.A 

Protect&Bronze SPF 30 - Nivea

Of course summer wouldn't be complete without sunglasses and sun cream! Firstly, my Ray-Bans, I cant go anywhere without my sunglasses! They are perfect for summer as the lens' adjust to the light which is useful for when your coming in and out of buildings..normally in my case, shopping! because you don't need to keep taking them on and off all the time! 
and then suncream as I am so pale and have very little pigmentation in my skin I tend to just burn and/or go freckly when they sun comes out but this sun cream is brilliant as it helps you tan and doesnt contain any fake tan so you dont have to worry about any uneven, orange streaks! I've been using it a lot of this recently while the sun has been out and iv found myself getting more of a tan then just burning!
 HUGE thumbs up from me! :) 

Hope you enjoyed the post!


April Glossy Box

Hello Lovelies! 
Friday was the day where all the Glossy Gals recieved our Glossy Boxes! 
If your unaware of what Glossy Box is, Its a monthly subscription, you only spend £10 a month on it, and every month you get sent a box filled with 5 gorgeous beauty goodies for you to test and review on their website! 
its almost like your birthday once a month! -who wouldn't want that?!

So, lets get started! 
I recieved this and I have to say the box melted my heart, its literally the most beautiful chic, girly, vintage  pattern which was created and designed by Pearl Lowe. 
so this shall proudly sit on my dressing table and get filled with many beauty bits & bobs :) 

Once I have got over how amazing the box was, I dived inside and and had a rummage through the tissue paper and the tiny cut up black bits of card to discover my beauty treats they had sent me! 
& here's what I found!

Model Co - Cheek + Lips
This is a lovely rosy pink cheek and lip stain, its subtle which I really like. As its a gel it blends really well, i'm really glad its not a liquid because I tend to find it leaves obvious stain patches on your skin.

Essie Nail Varnish - Nice is Nice
I love this nail varnish I was thrilled to see this brand in my glossy box, and the colour is a beautiful lilac purple, which is perfect for Spring/Summer and Im loving pastel colours at the moment, so this couldn't be more perfect! 

Nip+Fab - Coconut Latte Body Butter
I've never used Nip+Fab products before, so this was my first experience with the brand, I loved using this and it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. It also smells amazing and reminds me of summer :) 

Yves Rocher -So Elixir Purple
This perfume is gorgeous! it smells very feminine with foral-woody undertones.
 its perfect for Spring and Summer as its very fresh, which is making me very tempted to get the bigger bottle of this!

Sun Sense - SPF 50+
This is an untinted moisturizing creme, its quite extreme being 50+ so I'm saving this for the summer when I go to Corfu which i'm super excited about! :)  

Hope you like the post!
Do you recieve Glossy Box? if so, what did you recieve this month? 


25 facts about me!

1. I got given a little silver heart necklace from my boyfriend when we started dating which I've worn for a year and a half now. I've only ever taken it off once which was for a Photoshoot which leads onto my next fact...
2. I was involved in a Gok Wan Photoshoot for Reveal magazine last year which involved me to stand on the top of a building in London on roller skates..-and I can't rollerskate for the life of me, so it was ..."interesting" other then that, totally amazing day!
3. I hate typical "British" food or "Famous Liked" food such as Egg, Baked Beans, Sausages, Hot Dogs, Burgers, Fish and Chips, Fry Ups... I'm sorry, just no...
4. Cider breaks me out the next day completely ...booo! 
5. It snowed the day I was born.
6. I'm really shy when you first meet me, but once you get to know me..im crazy, totally crazy! 
7. I don't have a typical fashion 'style' as such, im more of a 'if I see it, I like it, I get it (&hope for the best)' kinda person.
8. I'm an addict to huge earrings.. the biggest you can find and i'll buy them! 
9. I dont have geat self confidence, I care what other people think far too much.
10. I hate spiders, even the tiny ones, slugs, ants, flys... anything bug related which can crawl up you.. the thought of it makes my skin crawl (pardon the pun).
11. I like scary movies, I can just sit there and watch them for hours. 
12. I got 1 mark off an A* for my GCSE art.. which makes me so mad :( 
13. I love spicy food!
14.  My boyfriend and I have fishes called puppapoopadeop and perri perri chicken.
15. I'm a complete chocoholic, I have it everyday no doubt about it.
16. I get ridiculously freckly when the sun comes out.
17. Iv been skiing for 8 years now, and this year I went with my boyfriend (who is amazing at it, and literally showed everyone up..) 
18. I really want to Reverse Ombre my hair!
19. My favourite animal is an elephant. :) 
20. I can hula-hoop for hours and hours, I can kneel down, stand back up and walk around hula-hooping.. the most I've managed to hula-hoop at once is 6.
21. My favourite cocktail is, of course, Cosmopolitan.. I've recently discovered you can make Cosmopolitan Cupcakes.. you can probably imagine my excitement!
22. 22nd is the date of my Birthday and Is the date of my boyfriends birthday too!
23. I hate being on my own, always have.
24. I love Marilyn Monroe, I think shes beautiful, and so inspiring. I've got nearly all her films and iv also got books and posters about her, including bath stuff too! 
 25. My natural hair colour is a very very bland mousey blonde/light brown.. I started throwing dye and bleach into it at the age of about 12/13 with my friends! (yes, WITHOUT my parents permission...oops..) 

&there you have it... 25 facts about me!
I know this slightly more personal post, I saw loads of other bloggers doing this too and I know I love reading them, so I thought I'd do one myself! :)

hope you enjoyed reading the post! 


Monday Update + Skin Care Routine

Sunglasses- RayBan
Blouse- New Look
Blazer- H&M (old)
Acid Wash Shorts- Topshop

Hello bloggee's! 
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holidays! 
It was so lovely to have a break off and get away from college work going shopping, meeting up with friends, catching up with lots of sleep and going out for meals with the boyfriend -as we just celebrated our 1 and a half years together! We also booked and payed for our holiday to Corfu this summer, so im super excited about that! :) 
but I'm back to blogging and getting back to reality! 
As the UK weather has been completely up and down recently and changing constantly from rain to sun my skin has of course been suffering, so I thought I'd step in and do my first Skin Care Routine for you guys just to show you whats been helping me along! :) 

Garnier PureActive Blackhead Clearing Scrub - Boots
Origins Checks and Balances Foamy Face Wash - Debenhams

 I have been using these two products religiously! I use the scrub every other night and it makes my skin appear very clear and smooth, It does sting slightly but its nothing too harsh it just makes your skin feel very clean and refreshed. 
I use the foamy face wash every night and I love this product! It makes my skin look very clear, even and feel very refreshed. After a few days of using this product I have noticed a big difference in my skin and my blemishes have defiantly stayed away :) 

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre - GuruMakeupEmporium.com
Bare Minerals Prime Time - Debenhams

I useboth of these products under my foundation. They are both brilliant and create a really good smooth foundation base when used together. This is my second tube of Embryolisse and, as you can see, its nearly all gone! I discovered this product at IMATS in London 2012 and fell in-love with the product straight away! it makes your skin feel incredible!
Prime time is a great primer and holds my makeup through college no problem at all! This primer makes your skin feel amazing, the only fault I have with this product is the price, for such a small bottle so I do limit myself with it and only use this product on my T-zone.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 51 Light Vanilla - Boots
KRYOLAN Concealer Circle Nr.1 -Kryolan.com
Soap&Glory One Heck Of A Blot - Boots
Stippling Brush Real Techniques - Boots

Iv been using the Healthy mix Serum for a while now and Its a brilliant foundation, I have normal/combination skin, it looks so natural and blends in with my skin tone perfectly. I've also been using the Kryolan concealer wheel, I bourgh this from the stand at IMATS and love it! its got 6 different shades of pale concealers on 1 wheel so you can change the tone throughout summer and winter when your skin changes and they're very creamy and don't crease at all which Is brilliant. Finally I use this powder on my T-zone to keep away any shine and is a very smooth finishing powder. To blend my foundation in I use the Real Techniques Stippling Brush by Samantha Chapman and I couldn't recommend this brush enough! I love her range of brushes and they're fibers are very soft and great quality! 

Hope you enjoyed the post!


Soap&Glory Haul

Today I was in town & went into Boots, and the huge Soap & Glory stand caught my eye, including the 3 for 2 deal - I couldn't help myself! 
I've always loved Soap & Glory products their packaging is beautiful, its so girly and vintage! 
Iv never really tried their make up products so as it was 3 for 2 I thought 'why not?!' 

here are the bits and bobs I bought! 
Sugar Crush Body Wash

Thick & Fast Mascara

Lid Stuff in What's Nude
One Heck Of A Blot

Kick Ass Concealer in Light

If any of you guys would like to see a review on any of these products, comment below and let me know! 
Hope you like the post! 


Update + Nail Post

Denim Jacket - TopShop
Eye shadow - Urban Decay Naked Palette
Lips - Rimmel London Lip Pencil in Spice

001. Hello Lovelies! Hope you've all had a fabulous week! This week has literally just dragged, &I've just had no time to blog at all, and the times I do, I've found myself in my onesie fast asleep on the sofa in front of the tv! but i'm hoping to seriously push myself and blog more for you all! :) 

002. The main reason for no blogging yesterday was because it was my mums birthday! so my sister, her boyfriend and me created a wonderful meal for her in the afternoon then watched the new Tim Burton film Frankenweenie its a brilliant film -but, I must add, is a HUGE emotional rollercoster! 

003. Over the last week I've suddenly had huge inspiration to get fit, so iv been going to the gym, doing pilates and on Saturday morning I went on a 3 mile run with my boyfriend, which I will continue doing, so I've been feeling great!

Heres just a quick nail update, I haven't uploaded any nail posts for ages so I thought I'd go for it, Especially as my nails are looking slightly half decent at the moment, compared to normal!
its nice and simple as I wanted to try out the new bits I got from Topshop! :) 
I needed to get some new nail art brushes as my old ones are goners so I picked up some of them while I was there! 

so, here's the little nail design I've done, &it's super simple! 
this is one of my favourite nail vanishes It's China Glaze in the colour Cranberry Splash, a gorgeous sparkly red.
then, on top of this I've placed silver disks from the Nail Art gem packet and placed them at the bottom of my nail! Layered a top coat on, then TaaDaa! 
Finished :) 

Hope you guys like the post!
 &Comment below if there are any posts you'd like me to do! :) 

Have a wondeful week


Monday Portrait #5

Cardigan - H&M
Blouse - Topshop

001. Hello! well, what a super crazy week! This morning is my lie-in morning and at 7 am I got dragged out of bed by my lovely boyfriend as he'd lost his wallet somewhere in my room (which, i have to warn -is VERY easy to do..) so that took a good half hour to do! & then, out of no where it suddenly started snowing, and has continued to all day long! 

002. So, I've finally made up my mind to have a massive room clear-out, yes! at last! this means taking everything off the walls, re-painting, re-arranging, getting rid of or selling clothes and bags etc.. over the Easter Holidays! and i'm soo excited, I've all ready started selling unused items which I've never worn or used on eBay which is strangely exciting!

003. As per usual iv been up to my ears in college work but i couldn't resist having a bit pf a shopping spree on Saturday which was fab, I got the chance to raid all the shops, and get some ideas for my room once its done! I also stocked up on Sea Kelp tables and Cranberry tables from Holland & Barrett which are my favourite! :)

004. Saturday night, The family went out and took my mum out for a dinner for Mothers Day as my sister and I were working all day Sunday. We went to this gorgeous pub which had fairy lights wrapped round wooden panels on the ceiling and it was beautiful and so cosy looking! 
 Hope you all got up to something lovely on Mothers Day too!

Have a wonderful week! 


February Favourites

Hello Lovelies, 
This is my be-lated February Favourites! 
Firstly, Im so sorry for my lack of blogging as college work has been so full on recently and it all feels as if its been non-stop!
Also, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines day this year! 
Me and my boyfriend, Jack went out for a wonderful meal to celebrate our 2nd valentines day together already! -time has gone so quickly!
Here's us on Vali-Day just before going out being silly in my bathroom! ..hence the towels!
(as you do!) 
Coat - Miss Guided
White Crop top-TopShop
Waist Belt - New Look
Skirt - H&M
Camera - Canon EOS 650D

But,back to the favourites! :) 

Hair and Skin

001. TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal and honey shampoo 
 'Comfort food for dry/damaged hair'. I've loving this shampoo recently, As my hair has been so dry throughout February :( I found it in TKmaxx as its slightly more cheaper than usual. Also, This shampoo smells amazing! 
002. Mama Mio Skin Tight 
 I bought this on a bit of a gamble as I wasn't sure whether it would work, but the reviews for it where brilliant, so I got it. -and I don't regret it at all! Its a gel formula and you put it on the patches you want tones (yes-where ever you want!) every day for 30days and it tightens, tones and lifts! I've been using this product on my legs and I've definatly noticed a difference! 
003. Mama Mio Clean Slate 
 I have literally no faults with this product! I use it every morning and it makes my skin look and feel soft, smooth and appear even. It smells so fresh and sets you up for the day! 
004. Neals yard Almond Oil 
 I use this in my baths as it really hydrates and gets into your skin. iv been using this a lot during February as the cold weather has really dried my skin out and this has been working amazingly! 


001. Urban Decay Naked Palette 2*
I've been using this product religously throughout february as I got given it for my birthday. The colours of this palette are a lot more earthy compared the the bronzed colours from the original Naked palette/
002. NARS Bronzer -Laguna
As you can see, this product is in desperate need of a replacement! This is the most gorgeous bronzer iv used! its gives a gorgeous glow with out looking dirty on my pale skin and doesnt come out orange at all!
003. Loreal True Match Foundation
This foundation has always been brilliant! It has hundreds of different shades so theres one for everyone! it gives a gorgeous finish and perfect coverage as it isnt thick at all letting you skin breathe
004. MAC Fluidliner - BlackTrack
Iv been using this gel eyeliner as I ran out of my Bobbi Brown one and I heard lots of things about this product, so i thought id give it ago. It lasts all day long and i'm really impressed with this eyeliner, I would say the colour is a lot more stronger with the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and that is also waterproof so I prefer that, but I still love this product and gives a lot more of a natural look for during the day.
005.MAC lipstick -Speed dial
This colour is beautiful, its a hot pink and I'v been loving this lipstick throughout february! Iv always loved MAC lipsticks as they're so creamy and last for so long with no embarrissing smearing or smudging!
006. Lancome Mascara -Hypnose Doll Eyes
This first thing I thought when I saw this mascara was the bottle, -Its Beautiful! 
its curvy and black with matte flowers all the way up the bottle! Lancome mascara's have always worked a treat on my eyelashes, and iv used then ever since I started wearing mascara in year 7 when I got given an old Lancome mascara from my friend. This mascara is gorgeous, the colour is very intense and the brush fans out your lashes giving them volume and taking away any kind of clump!


Earrings - Miso Republic


Flower Bomb - Viktor&Rolf
Yiyangu Kakadu Plum & Macadamia Nut Body mist - The Australian Costmetics Company
Iv had this body mist for ages now but I cant explain how amazing this body mist smells! I love the packaging and all their products are so gorgeous!


Hope you enjoyed this post & let me know what you think!


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