Soap&Glory Haul

Today I was in town & went into Boots, and the huge Soap & Glory stand caught my eye, including the 3 for 2 deal - I couldn't help myself! 
I've always loved Soap & Glory products their packaging is beautiful, its so girly and vintage! 
Iv never really tried their make up products so as it was 3 for 2 I thought 'why not?!' 

here are the bits and bobs I bought! 
Sugar Crush Body Wash

Thick & Fast Mascara

Lid Stuff in What's Nude
One Heck Of A Blot

Kick Ass Concealer in Light

If any of you guys would like to see a review on any of these products, comment below and let me know! 
Hope you like the post! 


Update + Nail Post

Denim Jacket - TopShop
Eye shadow - Urban Decay Naked Palette
Lips - Rimmel London Lip Pencil in Spice

001. Hello Lovelies! Hope you've all had a fabulous week! This week has literally just dragged, &I've just had no time to blog at all, and the times I do, I've found myself in my onesie fast asleep on the sofa in front of the tv! but i'm hoping to seriously push myself and blog more for you all! :) 

002. The main reason for no blogging yesterday was because it was my mums birthday! so my sister, her boyfriend and me created a wonderful meal for her in the afternoon then watched the new Tim Burton film Frankenweenie its a brilliant film -but, I must add, is a HUGE emotional rollercoster! 

003. Over the last week I've suddenly had huge inspiration to get fit, so iv been going to the gym, doing pilates and on Saturday morning I went on a 3 mile run with my boyfriend, which I will continue doing, so I've been feeling great!

Heres just a quick nail update, I haven't uploaded any nail posts for ages so I thought I'd go for it, Especially as my nails are looking slightly half decent at the moment, compared to normal!
its nice and simple as I wanted to try out the new bits I got from Topshop! :) 
I needed to get some new nail art brushes as my old ones are goners so I picked up some of them while I was there! 

so, here's the little nail design I've done, &it's super simple! 
this is one of my favourite nail vanishes It's China Glaze in the colour Cranberry Splash, a gorgeous sparkly red.
then, on top of this I've placed silver disks from the Nail Art gem packet and placed them at the bottom of my nail! Layered a top coat on, then TaaDaa! 
Finished :) 

Hope you guys like the post!
 &Comment below if there are any posts you'd like me to do! :) 

Have a wondeful week


Monday Portrait #5

Cardigan - H&M
Blouse - Topshop

001. Hello! well, what a super crazy week! This morning is my lie-in morning and at 7 am I got dragged out of bed by my lovely boyfriend as he'd lost his wallet somewhere in my room (which, i have to warn -is VERY easy to do..) so that took a good half hour to do! & then, out of no where it suddenly started snowing, and has continued to all day long! 

002. So, I've finally made up my mind to have a massive room clear-out, yes! at last! this means taking everything off the walls, re-painting, re-arranging, getting rid of or selling clothes and bags etc.. over the Easter Holidays! and i'm soo excited, I've all ready started selling unused items which I've never worn or used on eBay which is strangely exciting!

003. As per usual iv been up to my ears in college work but i couldn't resist having a bit pf a shopping spree on Saturday which was fab, I got the chance to raid all the shops, and get some ideas for my room once its done! I also stocked up on Sea Kelp tables and Cranberry tables from Holland & Barrett which are my favourite! :)

004. Saturday night, The family went out and took my mum out for a dinner for Mothers Day as my sister and I were working all day Sunday. We went to this gorgeous pub which had fairy lights wrapped round wooden panels on the ceiling and it was beautiful and so cosy looking! 
 Hope you all got up to something lovely on Mothers Day too!

Have a wonderful week! 


February Favourites

Hello Lovelies, 
This is my be-lated February Favourites! 
Firstly, Im so sorry for my lack of blogging as college work has been so full on recently and it all feels as if its been non-stop!
Also, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines day this year! 
Me and my boyfriend, Jack went out for a wonderful meal to celebrate our 2nd valentines day together already! -time has gone so quickly!
Here's us on Vali-Day just before going out being silly in my bathroom! ..hence the towels!
(as you do!) 
Coat - Miss Guided
White Crop top-TopShop
Waist Belt - New Look
Skirt - H&M
Camera - Canon EOS 650D

But,back to the favourites! :) 

Hair and Skin

001. TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal and honey shampoo 
 'Comfort food for dry/damaged hair'. I've loving this shampoo recently, As my hair has been so dry throughout February :( I found it in TKmaxx as its slightly more cheaper than usual. Also, This shampoo smells amazing! 
002. Mama Mio Skin Tight 
 I bought this on a bit of a gamble as I wasn't sure whether it would work, but the reviews for it where brilliant, so I got it. -and I don't regret it at all! Its a gel formula and you put it on the patches you want tones (yes-where ever you want!) every day for 30days and it tightens, tones and lifts! I've been using this product on my legs and I've definatly noticed a difference! 
003. Mama Mio Clean Slate 
 I have literally no faults with this product! I use it every morning and it makes my skin look and feel soft, smooth and appear even. It smells so fresh and sets you up for the day! 
004. Neals yard Almond Oil 
 I use this in my baths as it really hydrates and gets into your skin. iv been using this a lot during February as the cold weather has really dried my skin out and this has been working amazingly! 


001. Urban Decay Naked Palette 2*
I've been using this product religously throughout february as I got given it for my birthday. The colours of this palette are a lot more earthy compared the the bronzed colours from the original Naked palette/
002. NARS Bronzer -Laguna
As you can see, this product is in desperate need of a replacement! This is the most gorgeous bronzer iv used! its gives a gorgeous glow with out looking dirty on my pale skin and doesnt come out orange at all!
003. Loreal True Match Foundation
This foundation has always been brilliant! It has hundreds of different shades so theres one for everyone! it gives a gorgeous finish and perfect coverage as it isnt thick at all letting you skin breathe
004. MAC Fluidliner - BlackTrack
Iv been using this gel eyeliner as I ran out of my Bobbi Brown one and I heard lots of things about this product, so i thought id give it ago. It lasts all day long and i'm really impressed with this eyeliner, I would say the colour is a lot more stronger with the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and that is also waterproof so I prefer that, but I still love this product and gives a lot more of a natural look for during the day.
005.MAC lipstick -Speed dial
This colour is beautiful, its a hot pink and I'v been loving this lipstick throughout february! Iv always loved MAC lipsticks as they're so creamy and last for so long with no embarrissing smearing or smudging!
006. Lancome Mascara -Hypnose Doll Eyes
This first thing I thought when I saw this mascara was the bottle, -Its Beautiful! 
its curvy and black with matte flowers all the way up the bottle! Lancome mascara's have always worked a treat on my eyelashes, and iv used then ever since I started wearing mascara in year 7 when I got given an old Lancome mascara from my friend. This mascara is gorgeous, the colour is very intense and the brush fans out your lashes giving them volume and taking away any kind of clump!


Earrings - Miso Republic


Flower Bomb - Viktor&Rolf
Yiyangu Kakadu Plum & Macadamia Nut Body mist - The Australian Costmetics Company
Iv had this body mist for ages now but I cant explain how amazing this body mist smells! I love the packaging and all their products are so gorgeous!


Hope you enjoyed this post & let me know what you think!


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