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Hello everybody!

Its been a hectic couple of weeks, but I've decided to create a brand new blog and use that one instead of this one. 

The other blog will include the same sort of stuff as this blog, just more make up/makeup tutorial based, how-to's etc - I just really fancied a fresh start! 

I would really appreciate it if you could check out my other blog and follow me over there as thats where all my posts from now on will be going! :) 

Thank you for baring with me & I can't wait for you too see my new blog!



Beauty Favourites

Hello everybody, 

Autumn is finally kicking in which makes me super excited, I love the feeling of cosy nights in, candles, warm socks and, of course, the build up to christmas! 
Recently I've been going a little 'makeup crazy' and buying more and more, which is incredibly unhealthy for the bank account! 
Here are a few of my makeup favourites old & new.

First Up, 
This concealer is incredible, its completely full coverage, long wearing and I can't recommend it enough. It's pricey, and probably the smallest tube of concealer I own, when it arrived through the post, I have to be honest, I thought it was a tester! But once I started using it, I understood. you literally only need the smallest blob of this product and it'll cover any imperfection on your face. a little goes a very..very..very long way! 

Bobbi Brown has forever been one of my favourite beauty brands, its clean, chic and sits proudly on any dressing table. This foundations is one which I always keep going back too, the colour is perfect, the coverage is spot on and it won't come off until you take it off. Its a medium to full coverage foundation and contains SPF 15, which this time of year my skin needs because of the low sun.

This liner is one that I can't stop buying, It lasts forever and I love the fact the tip is an actual brush rather then a bit of rubber or a felt tip pen. Cat liner is one of my staple looks, I wear it everyday and this brush makes the job super quick and easy for me to achieve a perfectly neat flick! 

This is one of my very new purchases and I've only used it a few times, each time I've become more and more obsessed. I've seen a lot of these kind of mascaras popping up all over the place recently and so I thought i'd take the plunge and go for it! 
This mascara works in a 1-2-1 system, so you use the magnetic mascara (1) which you layer up as much as you like after that, while the mascara is still wet, you brush on the Lash fibres (2) be careful to only do the tips otherwise loose fibres go into your eyes - which is pretty uncomfortable! once thats dried you then layer up on the Magnetic Mascara (1) again! and Voila! beautiful extended lashes, no extensions, no falsies! I don't know how it works and how the mascara doesn't appear clumpy but somehow it just works and I can promise you once you use this mascara, you won't go back.

I've been loving ABH's as a brand for a while now and this product especially has been raved about by hundreds for Beauty Bloggers. I firstly purchased the colour Ebony, I use this as a gel eyeliner for days where I don't want my look to be too intense, I then decided to purchase the colour Taupe (very recently) to use it for its actual purpose! Its a beautiful smooth formula and makes my eyebrows look very professional. a little goes a very long way so this product is going to last me ages which is what I love about Anastasia's products.

This has got to be one of my favourite subtle bronzers of all time. I've had this for a good year and I still don't understand how I haven't hit pan! Its perfect for light skin tones and doesn't give of a horrible orange look. Its also matte, meaning you are able to create beautiful contouring with this product.



Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink 

Hello Everybody!
Recently I've been trying and testing new products here and there trying to find some new beauty gems. 
Here are my top 3 which I've fallen in love with!

Anastasia Bevery Hills - Maya Mia Palette (limited edition)

This is one of the most beautiful palettes I've ever bought, the packaging makes you want to reach for it everyday and the colours are bold, vibrant and exciting. 
The shadows themselves last all day with out any primer or re-application and most importantly don't crease! 
The palette itself is filled with matte and shimmer shadows, which I love as this means you can wear them for a subtle day look and then adding shimmer which creates a more dramatic effect making this the ultimate go to palette. 

This mascara has suddenly exploded in the blogging world and everybody is thriving to get their hands on it. everywhere I look its constantly sold out & I had to really rush to get hold of it. 
Its a beautiful mascara, this is going to sound odd - but I love the weight of the mascara. Its surprisingly heavy which helps me find it if I'm rummaging around my handbag for it, but also it feels more "expensive" as its heavier too, so light weight plastic-ey material.. this is the real deal! 

Of course, the main thing which makes this mascara my "go-to" is the wand. Its perfect, Yep - perfect. its hour glass shaped which I love and really allows you to pull volume into the roots along side hugging every single lash, its so build-able, doesn't clump up or flake off, a light weight formula. now all we need is a waterproof version. 

Recently, I've been working a lot in my local garden centre. Which, as you can probably guess, really does beat up my nails. every time I sit down and make my nails look great, the next day its flaked off, so I decided to give Gel a go instead and I've been hooked, It lasts for a good 1 and half -2 weeks with out cracking, splitting or chipping. I wear it on holidays and for work and all you need to do is soak your nails in nail varnish remover to peel them off. 
I use the CND base and top coat in-between the colour and use a UV lamp to set it. 
This is currently my favourite colour, its a gorgeous baby pink and work well with my light skin tone also isn't too over the top for work. 

Eye Shadow - Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia Palette 
Mascara - TooFaced better than sex 



The Summer Mascara Must-Have

Hello my lovelies, 
It's been a while since my last post, It's been crazy at college at my 2 year's are almost finished! Which is sad, but super exciting too! 
So, today my post is all about summer, because who can't wait until summer?! 

Recently, I've been having a good old rummage around all the products sat on the makeup counters & I came across this mascara by Bourjois, It was of course their newly released Volume 1 Seconde mascara and, as I was thinking about summer time, I decided to pick up the waterproof version which is in the blue tube.
Now, at first I had a couple of mixed feeling about it and wasn't sure whether it would be any good or a complete flop  as I am totally aware on how over dramatic a lot of high street brands make their mascara adverts. 
But, at the price of £6.99 I thought I didn't really have too much to loose 
& as usual... shiny tube - I'm totally sold! 

I was actually really pleasantly surprised by this mascara. Under first impression of putting it on it gave my lashes volume, curl and lift straight away. The colour is a really gorgeous intense black which finishes off your makeup beautifully & the formula is a really nice consistency. 
Under close inspection, I actually found the mascara wand really interesting, its got these really small balls on the end of some of the bristles which are meant to build volume in your lashes. 

I've been using this product for quite sometime now & find myself reaching for it more and more everyday. I always find with waterproof mascaras they lump up and clog during the day or flake off leaving lumps of mascara around your eyes, and I haven't experienced this at all! This mascara has been through rain, tear and not budged at all! It's also a really nice mascara to layer up during the day if you feel as though you need an extra boost & its super easy to take off at night which is a bonus for waterproof mascaras as they have the tendency to be very harsh to take off at nighttime or can leave build up at the root of the lashes!

This is me wearing the mascara, which was taken in the afternoon, that applied in the morning and I'm so impressed with the results,the colour is still intense, then curl and lift is still visible and it hasn't moved at all! I can't wait to take it on holiday with me as i know its almost all what I'm going to need! 
Im actually really surprised that it's only £6.99! 
Grab it while you can ladies, this one will be flying off the shelves for the summer! 

Hope you all enjoyed the post & 
if you have any requests drop a comment below!



Orange is the word on everyones lips..

Hello everybody! 
Recently, I have noticed how many people are wearing orange on their lips! 
now, I don't blame them - orange is gorgeous, especially for spring. 
I've always got on with orange better than bright red so I've been wearing this colour for a while and I'm soo happy to see more people wearing it!

I've managed to dig out my favourites for you from high street to high end 
-theres something here for everyone to try! 

..First up! 

This is one of my favourites, it's got a really lovely Matte finish to it and the colour surprisingly lasts a really long time, which I was really impressed with due to the fact I don't buy much Seventeen makeup. The colour is a gorgeous, bright orange and I actually really love the packaging being a mimic of a Crayola, perfect for just throwing in your handbag and topping up throughout the day.


I was really impressed with this product, Its got a gorgeous sheen to it and its really moisturising (something which lacks slightly with the Seventeen Lip Crayon) but the negative to this is the colour fades a lot faster - It's sort of like the company has focused SO much on the moisturising property of this product the colour lacks slightly. 
But its perfect if your just starting out with bright colours & want slightly more subtle colour - its a brilliant dupe to the Clinique Chubby Sticks.


This lipstick is honestly gorgeous, Its slightly more coral than orange but the finish is a beautiful, velvety matte. This was the first ever 'Bold' lipstick I bought and was really impressed with the colour  and how it lasts on the lips, along with the way it looked. Recently i've really been loving the Topshop lipsticks and constantly tempted to buy more every time Im in there.

Last but not least...

I've saved the best until last... This is my most favourite lipstick ever, the colour is just so beautiful and because its a Lustre lipstick its a lot more moisturising, yet still manages to hold the gorgeous colour. 
-annoyingly... this lipstick was limited edition.. (best things always are...*sad face* but I know you can get it elsewhere on the internet & I would definitely recommend it!) 
The other lipstick I really really recommend is MAC £15 - Morange.. luckily, this isn't limited addition and its un-doubtly one of the best orange lipsticks out there, its Matte and lasts beautifully, the colour is also gorgeous, lasts all day (or night) and is so vibrant.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter & enjoyed the post! 



Topshop Lipstick - Whimsical

Topshop - Whimsical £8

Hello Everybody, 
Firstly, I couldn't keep this to myself as everybody needs to know about this lipstick and secondly, It's been such a sad, rainy day today I felt like I should do a pink, girly blog post just to lighten the day up a little :) 

Here it is.. the beautiful peachy-pink Topshop lipstick, Whimsical. 
The first thing I noticed was, of course, the packaging.. I really love the Topshop makeup packaging as its so aztec and unique, The packaging of the lipstick is also made of metal so it won't snap like plastic and smear all over your handbag (I honestly, can't imagine anything worse..) 

While looking at it.. the colour on the Topshop website looks really orange and coral but honestly, its not like that at all, its a peachy/pink-nude shade which comes out slightly lighter on your lips once applied, because of this, it gives your skin a gorgeous glow and makes you look a lot healthier in general. - a little bit of a pick-me-up I like to call it!

Iv never been too sure about the Topshop makeup... 
Iv always thought a clothes shop should stick to clothes..right?!

I'll be totally honest..There IS some Topshop makeup which I wouldn't touch .. and going by the 95% bashed up, unloved testers & price tag it just doesn't draw you in - I was expecting really chalky, unpigmented colour which would chap my lips on first application.. 
But in fact, I got the exact opposite!

I had heard loads of great things about this lipstick in particular and was really surprised how lovely it is to apply and, it being a matte - which tends to be really unpleasant to wear when its formulated badly, I was shocked how moisturising it really is! 

Its a brilliant lipstick just to throw in to your handbag and spring out the door with, its such a wearable everyday nude colour & personally.. I think every girl needs to get their hands on one of these gems!



My Makeup Staples

Hello Everyone!
As the weather is changing and spring is here. I decided to give my makeup bag a really good spring clean (yep... that includes throwing it in to the washing machine) 
I thought I would share with you my make up staples and what I am wearing undoubtedly every single day :) 

I've been using tinted moisturizer a lot recently as the weather is clearing up, I find it more pleasant to wear and the coverage is perfect. Obviously, it being sunny isn't always the best as it draws out impurities (yes- this means one thing...spots!) so to keep them at bay I've been using the Collection 2000 concealer, this stuff is incredible -honestly! I've used my fair share of high street and "fancy" concealers from more higher brands and I got back to this everytime!  

Best. Mascara. Ever. 
Yep - I know Maybelline Great Lash is (and always will be) the Queen of all mascaras, but i'll happily crown this the Princess. Also, who doesn't treat themselves on a splash out mascara anyway? 
If you do, I recommend this one! 
Iv been using this constantly, and so many people have commented on how long my lashes are looking, you only need a couple of coats and your set for the day.. 

no re-applying.. no clumping... no flaking.. no irritation... it's magic in a (very shiny) tube.

Firstly, please excuse the nail mark in the light brown (Naked 2) I never know how it happens... but its not an unusual thing for me... 
This palette is gorgeous, Im so chuffed with it and use it constantly. I really do love the Naked 1,2 & 3 palettes but this one is just so.. well... basic? & the size is perfect, easy to chuck into your makeup bag and your set! 
The colours, like all Urban Decay colours are so pigmented and last all day and I love them, I can have a crazy day at college and none of it decides to take a detour down my face or crease in unflattering places.

This is the most beautiful lipstick i've ever bought, It's the perfect nude colour for my skin tone and really affordable. It's very similar to Angel by MAC and has a similar sweet smell... (if that makes any sense at all, it did in my head..) 
All that aside, this lipstick is gorgeous & they have other lipstick designed by the L'Oreal models too such as Cheryl and Eva Longoria which are equally as beautiful. 

Hope you've enjoyed the post 
& gained a little inspiration for a makeup bag spring clean :) 


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