My Makeup Staples

Hello Everyone!
As the weather is changing and spring is here. I decided to give my makeup bag a really good spring clean (yep... that includes throwing it in to the washing machine) 
I thought I would share with you my make up staples and what I am wearing undoubtedly every single day :) 

I've been using tinted moisturizer a lot recently as the weather is clearing up, I find it more pleasant to wear and the coverage is perfect. Obviously, it being sunny isn't always the best as it draws out impurities (yes- this means one thing...spots!) so to keep them at bay I've been using the Collection 2000 concealer, this stuff is incredible -honestly! I've used my fair share of high street and "fancy" concealers from more higher brands and I got back to this everytime!  

Best. Mascara. Ever. 
Yep - I know Maybelline Great Lash is (and always will be) the Queen of all mascaras, but i'll happily crown this the Princess. Also, who doesn't treat themselves on a splash out mascara anyway? 
If you do, I recommend this one! 
Iv been using this constantly, and so many people have commented on how long my lashes are looking, you only need a couple of coats and your set for the day.. 

no re-applying.. no clumping... no flaking.. no irritation... it's magic in a (very shiny) tube.

Firstly, please excuse the nail mark in the light brown (Naked 2) I never know how it happens... but its not an unusual thing for me... 
This palette is gorgeous, Im so chuffed with it and use it constantly. I really do love the Naked 1,2 & 3 palettes but this one is just so.. well... basic? & the size is perfect, easy to chuck into your makeup bag and your set! 
The colours, like all Urban Decay colours are so pigmented and last all day and I love them, I can have a crazy day at college and none of it decides to take a detour down my face or crease in unflattering places.

This is the most beautiful lipstick i've ever bought, It's the perfect nude colour for my skin tone and really affordable. It's very similar to Angel by MAC and has a similar sweet smell... (if that makes any sense at all, it did in my head..) 
All that aside, this lipstick is gorgeous & they have other lipstick designed by the L'Oreal models too such as Cheryl and Eva Longoria which are equally as beautiful. 

Hope you've enjoyed the post 
& gained a little inspiration for a makeup bag spring clean :) 



Spring Clean - French Manicure


As Spring is finally here I thought I would do a post on the classic, clean, beautiful french manicure. 
I've seen this look popping up all over the place used with various colours, styles and shapes especially for spring, so this is definitely a look to watch out for in the up-coming months.

I have to admit, as my nails have only just started recovering from the winter months I wanted to keep it to the traditional, clean french manicure. 

To create this look I used BarryM 342 Nude and 66 Matte White.
You can get them from boots for £2.99 here
I use BarryM nail varnish all the time, it's definitely become my favourite drugstore/high street nail varnish, their colours are so up to date, their constancy is lovely, the colour glides on to the nail evenly & most importantly they don't chip and look perfect for up to about a week (coming from an art student) Also, they dry so quickly...what more could you want?! 
I didn't use the french manicure guild line stickers, as when it comes to nails I tend to have quite a steady hand, but I definitely recommend them as they create a really clean line. 

Hope you've all had a lovely start to spring, It's definitely my favourite time of the year!

whats on your nails?
or your favourite nail colour for this season?



Naked3 -Urban Decay

Yes! The sun is coming out, the flowers are blooming and all the tree are looking fuzzy which means one thing...Spring is finally here and I've managed to build up the courage 
and buy the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay! 

Price: £37 ($52)

There has been so much uproar about this palette so I wanted to get my hands on it, but was slightly put off when I saw how pink the palette was, as I've got very pale skin and wasn't 100% sure.
For my birthday I was given a gift card for Debenhams so I went a head and got it! 
I have to say it really is beautiful the colours are perfect for Spring/Summer as they're really really natural and light. 

The first thing that strikes you is the lovely packaging, like the Naked 2 its in a tin, which is extremely convenient and protects all your eyeshadows very well. 
This also means the font on the front and down the spine doesn't rub off (which I found with the Naked 1 felt packaging) 
Like the Naked 2, the palette contains a Dual ended Urban Decay brush & The box included 4 packets of Urban Decay Primer Potion which was a lovely add on and feels like your getting that little extra for your money.

Here are the colours, they all live up to Urban Decays flying reputation meaning very pigmented and give a gorgeous colour pay off so that you don't need to use much to get an effective look that lasts all day. 
These colours, when used correctly, last forever. I've had the Naked 1 palette since it first came out (about 3 years ago) and still haven't hit pan, the texture of the colours are gorgeous too! They're smooth and extremely blend-able & are totally worth the money.

Like the other 2 palettes this contains a mixture of Matte and Shimmer colours, this is perfect for any look. It also has 12 never-before-seen shades which are exclusive to the Naked 3 Palette. 

Below are some swatches which I did only touching the colour pan lightly and you can see for yourself how pigmented the colours are!

Hope you enjoyed the post!
What you think of the Naked 3 Palette?


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