December Favourites!

Hey There!
I hope you all had a wonderful christmas, got everything you wanted and had a brilliant start to 2014!

I wanted to do a blog post about all the bits a got for christmas but considering my 18th Birthday is quickly approaching I thought I would put what I got for Christmas & my Birthday in to one big blog post!
So, Here is a quick post just to give you all a little insight into what beauty-related products I have been loving and using non-stop over december! 

1. Hollywood Glo by Benefit 
First up! I have been using this product religiously over the winter months, especially in party season, as this gives you a beautiful golden glow without making you orange! Also, not to mention the smell of this product which is a lovely rose-water scent and very feminine.
Its super clever, as I have really pale skin (especially in the winter) any type of fake tan just looks streaky and orange and .... well, need I say more?  This little rose gold saviour, once applied, corrects to your skin tone making you gorgeous and golden (without the tango-ed look)!

2. Sexy Little Things Noir Tease by Victoria Secret
Okay, so I have found a very major place for this in my heart. This is one of THE best body sprays i've ever smelt! It's a very sexy, feminine, warm fragrance which I love and if you can get hold of this I 100% recommend you to try it! I always have a little bottle of this in my handbag for top-ups during the day.

3. Moisture Match for Dull Skin by Garnier 
For my skin I've been using this moisturiser everyday! As it's the winter my skin really has been suffering and getting very dull & tired-looking. I'm very very happy with this product and its been working wonders on my skin throughout December, only 1 con is because its very thick if you use too much at one time it can feel a little sticky which isn't pleasant.. but don't let that put you off because its great to put under your foundation and it really helps it stay on like a primer and i've definitely noticed a difference in my skin. 

4. Vanilla Pigment by MAC
For my Fourth winter favourite I've chosen MAC vanilla pigment. I've been using it non-stop as a highlight and on the inner corner of my eye. Its a beautiful frosty-white shade and complements any makeup look. This was the first pigment I've ever bought as its a very 'safe shade' - and it certainly won't be last! 

5. Lasting Finish Colour Rush in shade 100 Give Me A Cuddle by Rimmel 
This is a gorgeous tinted lip balm, its a lovely baby pink shade. Iv been using this product for most of December as the pigment is really high and baby pink lips make your face look very fresh and with lip balm qualities its very moisturising.
 As this is a rimmel product claiming to be "long lasting" I was extremely surprised to find that it really DOES stay on and will not budge at all. The ultimate test I put it through was infact New Years Eve, when I took off all my make up at night (forgetting about the lip balm) and woke up with the colour still as strong as when i first put it on, it perfectly in place and no trace of makeup on my friends pillow (Result? yes!)

6. Christmas Eve and Cinnamon Stick by Yankee Candle 
Finally, Christmas isn't Christmas without cosy candles and these have been my favourite of the month! christmas eve smells beautiful, it reminds me of holly berries and spiced oranges and then cinnamon stick just smells purely of cinnamon and is so cosy and warming.

Hope you have all had a lovely christmas and enjoyed the post! 
If you would like to request any future post please leave a comment below! 


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