Spring Clean - French Manicure


As Spring is finally here I thought I would do a post on the classic, clean, beautiful french manicure. 
I've seen this look popping up all over the place used with various colours, styles and shapes especially for spring, so this is definitely a look to watch out for in the up-coming months.

I have to admit, as my nails have only just started recovering from the winter months I wanted to keep it to the traditional, clean french manicure. 

To create this look I used BarryM 342 Nude and 66 Matte White.
You can get them from boots for £2.99 here
I use BarryM nail varnish all the time, it's definitely become my favourite drugstore/high street nail varnish, their colours are so up to date, their constancy is lovely, the colour glides on to the nail evenly & most importantly they don't chip and look perfect for up to about a week (coming from an art student) Also, they dry so quickly...what more could you want?! 
I didn't use the french manicure guild line stickers, as when it comes to nails I tend to have quite a steady hand, but I definitely recommend them as they create a really clean line. 

Hope you've all had a lovely start to spring, It's definitely my favourite time of the year!

whats on your nails?
or your favourite nail colour for this season?



  1. I absolutely love these two colours, they're gorgeous & barryM are my favourite nail polish brand ever, loved this post and your photography is brilliant :)
    Would really love for you to join my blog as a member!
    Love your blog, thanks x


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