Topshop Lipstick - Whimsical

Topshop - Whimsical £8

Hello Everybody, 
Firstly, I couldn't keep this to myself as everybody needs to know about this lipstick and secondly, It's been such a sad, rainy day today I felt like I should do a pink, girly blog post just to lighten the day up a little :) 

Here it is.. the beautiful peachy-pink Topshop lipstick, Whimsical. 
The first thing I noticed was, of course, the packaging.. I really love the Topshop makeup packaging as its so aztec and unique, The packaging of the lipstick is also made of metal so it won't snap like plastic and smear all over your handbag (I honestly, can't imagine anything worse..) 

While looking at it.. the colour on the Topshop website looks really orange and coral but honestly, its not like that at all, its a peachy/pink-nude shade which comes out slightly lighter on your lips once applied, because of this, it gives your skin a gorgeous glow and makes you look a lot healthier in general. - a little bit of a pick-me-up I like to call it!

Iv never been too sure about the Topshop makeup... 
Iv always thought a clothes shop should stick to clothes..right?!

I'll be totally honest..There IS some Topshop makeup which I wouldn't touch .. and going by the 95% bashed up, unloved testers & price tag it just doesn't draw you in - I was expecting really chalky, unpigmented colour which would chap my lips on first application.. 
But in fact, I got the exact opposite!

I had heard loads of great things about this lipstick in particular and was really surprised how lovely it is to apply and, it being a matte - which tends to be really unpleasant to wear when its formulated badly, I was shocked how moisturising it really is! 

Its a brilliant lipstick just to throw in to your handbag and spring out the door with, its such a wearable everyday nude colour & personally.. I think every girl needs to get their hands on one of these gems!



  1. This shade looks so lovely on you, I definitely need to get my hands on some. <3

  2. This colour is lovely, I've been looking for a more natural shade to wear during the day. Definitely going to have to go and get some! Also, I've never been into buying clothing shops own make up line but the nail varnish in Topshop is amazing :) xoxo



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