The Summer Mascara Must-Have

Hello my lovelies, 
It's been a while since my last post, It's been crazy at college at my 2 year's are almost finished! Which is sad, but super exciting too! 
So, today my post is all about summer, because who can't wait until summer?! 

Recently, I've been having a good old rummage around all the products sat on the makeup counters & I came across this mascara by Bourjois, It was of course their newly released Volume 1 Seconde mascara and, as I was thinking about summer time, I decided to pick up the waterproof version which is in the blue tube.
Now, at first I had a couple of mixed feeling about it and wasn't sure whether it would be any good or a complete flop  as I am totally aware on how over dramatic a lot of high street brands make their mascara adverts. 
But, at the price of £6.99 I thought I didn't really have too much to loose 
& as usual... shiny tube - I'm totally sold! 

I was actually really pleasantly surprised by this mascara. Under first impression of putting it on it gave my lashes volume, curl and lift straight away. The colour is a really gorgeous intense black which finishes off your makeup beautifully & the formula is a really nice consistency. 
Under close inspection, I actually found the mascara wand really interesting, its got these really small balls on the end of some of the bristles which are meant to build volume in your lashes. 

I've been using this product for quite sometime now & find myself reaching for it more and more everyday. I always find with waterproof mascaras they lump up and clog during the day or flake off leaving lumps of mascara around your eyes, and I haven't experienced this at all! This mascara has been through rain, tear and not budged at all! It's also a really nice mascara to layer up during the day if you feel as though you need an extra boost & its super easy to take off at night which is a bonus for waterproof mascaras as they have the tendency to be very harsh to take off at nighttime or can leave build up at the root of the lashes!

This is me wearing the mascara, which was taken in the afternoon, that applied in the morning and I'm so impressed with the results,the colour is still intense, then curl and lift is still visible and it hasn't moved at all! I can't wait to take it on holiday with me as i know its almost all what I'm going to need! 
Im actually really surprised that it's only £6.99! 
Grab it while you can ladies, this one will be flying off the shelves for the summer! 

Hope you all enjoyed the post & 
if you have any requests drop a comment below!



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