Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink 

Hello Everybody!
Recently I've been trying and testing new products here and there trying to find some new beauty gems. 
Here are my top 3 which I've fallen in love with!

Anastasia Bevery Hills - Maya Mia Palette (limited edition)

This is one of the most beautiful palettes I've ever bought, the packaging makes you want to reach for it everyday and the colours are bold, vibrant and exciting. 
The shadows themselves last all day with out any primer or re-application and most importantly don't crease! 
The palette itself is filled with matte and shimmer shadows, which I love as this means you can wear them for a subtle day look and then adding shimmer which creates a more dramatic effect making this the ultimate go to palette. 

This mascara has suddenly exploded in the blogging world and everybody is thriving to get their hands on it. everywhere I look its constantly sold out & I had to really rush to get hold of it. 
Its a beautiful mascara, this is going to sound odd - but I love the weight of the mascara. Its surprisingly heavy which helps me find it if I'm rummaging around my handbag for it, but also it feels more "expensive" as its heavier too, so light weight plastic-ey material.. this is the real deal! 

Of course, the main thing which makes this mascara my "go-to" is the wand. Its perfect, Yep - perfect. its hour glass shaped which I love and really allows you to pull volume into the roots along side hugging every single lash, its so build-able, doesn't clump up or flake off, a light weight formula. now all we need is a waterproof version. 

Recently, I've been working a lot in my local garden centre. Which, as you can probably guess, really does beat up my nails. every time I sit down and make my nails look great, the next day its flaked off, so I decided to give Gel a go instead and I've been hooked, It lasts for a good 1 and half -2 weeks with out cracking, splitting or chipping. I wear it on holidays and for work and all you need to do is soak your nails in nail varnish remover to peel them off. 
I use the CND base and top coat in-between the colour and use a UV lamp to set it. 
This is currently my favourite colour, its a gorgeous baby pink and work well with my light skin tone also isn't too over the top for work. 

Eye Shadow - Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia Palette 
Mascara - TooFaced better than sex 


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