Christmas nail art

Christmas nail art

Snow flakes

yes! It's the time for all the Christmas nail art to come out!
also, before we start my nails are in awful condition at the moment due to my art at college and they keep breaking! but im doing m best to keep them in shape! :) 
so, here is my first post for Christmassy nails, this is how you do snowflakes! &its super simple!

Firstly, prep them using any sort of base nail varnish. Personally, i love OPI nail envy!
then, take a white nail varnish and a sparkly blue nail varnish, im using the Rimmel London nail tip whitener and OPI Austin-Tatious turquoise.

I then used the 17 nail xtras glitter top coat and used this on every single nail. 
after that, i dipped a thin nail art paint brush into the white nail varnish and created snowflakes by doing a cross and small flicks of nail varnish off the cross and added a small gem in the middle for effect.
i then added black dots along the bottom of the white tips, but these are optional. 

I hope you liked this post, and more Christmas posts shall be coming up shortly! 


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