Leopard Print Manicure

Leopard print french manicure 

Hey guys! 
so i thought i'd do a blog post about my leopard print nails as i cannot explain to you how simple it is! 

So, this is it.. 3 steps to a gorgeous french mini, with a bit of a twist!

step 1. use a base coat, recently iv been loving Essie base coat, then use a white nail vanish to create a french manicure. you can use the tip stencils or, if you have a steady hand, do it free hand! 

step 2. you then take a gold nail varnish, which ever one you can get your hands on, i love the Max Factor nail varnishes especially for this look as the brush and the bottles are so small you can paint the randomly placed dots straight on to the nail. if the brush is too big for this, just use a cotton bud.

Step 3. last but not least, use a black nail art pen and add broken circles and randomly placed flecks of black then, to complete and make the look budge-proof add your favorite top coat!

let me know what you guys think!

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  1. Hey, thanks for having a look at my blog.
    I absolutely love these nails!!
    Looking forward to trying them out myself and looking forward to reading some more of your tutorials :)



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