Monday Portrait Week #2

Earrings - Republic
Top - New Look

001. Hello again my lovely follow'ees! 
So, last week was a wonderful whirlpool of happiness! Wednesday, I became a very proud owner of a gorgeous new leather jacket - Thank you topshop! Thursday, My new camera came, Canon EOS 650D..& its incredible! v.pricey, but the picture quality is incredible. I seriously needed a good camera as im doing art & photography in college I was in desperate need of a good camera and this has fit the bill completely! Then, on Friday the family and I went off to see Les Mis in the cinema, which was brilliant, as I loved the theatre performance of this show I wasn't sure whether the film would be 'as good' but -yes, it really really was. &as normal, I was sat there in floods of tears!(thank you waterproof mascara)

002. Its so nearly February half term and i'm literally buzzing, as i'm taking my boyfriend skiing! So on Saturday I decided to stock up on brand new ski wear, as Iv had the same ski wear for about 4years now, &iv grown..a lot! As recently iv been having a ridiculous obsession with red, iv decided to go for a red and white theme which ties into my white and gold ski boots! 

003. Iv been doing a lot of online shopping recently! -It's an addiction, I swear! I just cant help but sit and browse through every website I can find to do with clothes from Ebay to Topshop! I'v been considering buying one of those peplum tops, a white v-neck one as it looks gorgeous, just have to wait until Riverisland get a batch through my size as the only have 14 and 16 left. 

004. I know its February now, but Im still very sluggish from January, and trying to find motivation to do college work and getting myself back into any form of routine! So recently, iv been dosing up of gingerbread lattes just to get me through the week at college! (not that i'm complaining.. Gingerbread is my weakness) 

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Love your hair! Congrats on your leather jacket, topshop is great! Have fun with your new camera I just got a DSLR also I feel like a dummie!

    New follower :)

    Xo, Janelle GlamorousMama

    1. Thank you for the follow!
      &Im glad you like the post :)
      yeah, i love topshop too, its brilliant! :)

      thank you again!

  2. How do you like the Canon EOS 650D so far? I just bout the older model and I love it but I'd like to get a followup on how the newer model operates & everything. Great post! :)
    Crystal's Beauty Corner

    1. I love my camera so much! the picture quality is amazing and it has a touch screen window and focuses on even the smallest of details as it has a new improved auto focus inside the lens, its perfect for my art course, and im loving it! :)

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