January Favourites

Here are the products iv been literally in love with and haven't been able to put them down over the whole of January!

Hair and Skin Products!

Lush - Angels On Bare Skin
ShearBeauty Salon - Argan Secret Shampoo & Conditioner
ShearBeauty Salon - L'Oreal Expert Chroma Care in 3 Gold
Debenhams - Origins Make A Difference Plus+

Recently, I'v been Loving Angels On Bare Skin by Lush, I'v been using it every other day on my face at night and iv seen a very noticeable difference, My skin is a lot less red and my skin tone has evened up in a lot of places too. After using this I use Origins Make A Difference Plus+ its pricey, But worth it! i use it under makeup too as a primer because it makes your skin SO soft and smooth &as iv been suffering from terribly dry, sore winter skin this has treated me so well!
With my hair, Its has been extremely dry from the typical British weather, and this Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner is incredible, but really hard to find as its not available in Drug Stores but it leaves your hair smelling gorgeous & silky soft! I use this along side the L'Oreal Chroma Care (using this before conditioner, after shampoo) which claims to refresh your colour treated hair, I'v been using this through January and iv noticed a great difference in the vibrancy of my hair colour and it's looking much healthier!


Make-Up Forever - HD Foundation 
Too Faced - Natural Eye Palette
MaxFactor - Clump Defy Mascara
Revlon - Liquid Eyeline Pen
Lancome - Lipstick in 101 L'Absolu Nu

Iv been loving Make-Up Forever HD foundation during January as its abit thicker than my other foudations giving me better coverage for my blemish prone winter skin. Iv also been using the Too Faced Palette a lot during January as the colour are really warm which I like, im also a massive fan of natural eye shadows anyway! :) the MaxFactor clump defy mascara is brilliant, and iv been using it everyday since I got it! (Review coming soon!) & the black eyeliner lasts all day and the colour is so strong, which I love.
With lip products I'v been using Carmex a lot which works wonders with smoothing my lips and the Lancome lipstick is beautiful, its a subtle pink with a small amount of shimmer and have been using it so much recently!


Republic - Earrings

These are my favouritest earrings EVER! My signature look are my earrings.. The biggest, and prettiest earrings you can find! &once I saw these I HAD to have them! 
Iv always worn massive earrings so my ears are very use to heavy earrings and don't irritate them so I mange to get away with them (result!!) &i think these earrings are just perfect :) 


I've been using this perfume a lot throughout January almost everyday at college &its smells gorgeous! 
It's a very unique blend of liquorice and vanilla while you get very light notes of sweet apple. I've never smelt anything like this perfume before and its an extremely sexy, feminine scent! I also love the glass purple, heart-shaped bottle of this perfume as its so girly and classy!

Hope you like the post!


  1. i definitely want to try angels on bare skin!


  2. Great favourites! I have always wondered if the Too Faced palettes were any good? I take it they are?

    I'm a new follower of your blog - I really like your layout!

    If you want to check out mine is http://thestellarskin.blogspot.co.uk/

    Looking forward to your future posts :)



  3. Heya! I'm so glad you like the post&thank you so much for the follow too :)
    yes, too faced palettes are brilliant, I used mine nearly everyday&the colours are so pigmented! :)
    Thank you again!


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