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Denim Jacket - TopShop
Eye shadow - Urban Decay Naked Palette
Lips - Rimmel London Lip Pencil in Spice

001. Hello Lovelies! Hope you've all had a fabulous week! This week has literally just dragged, &I've just had no time to blog at all, and the times I do, I've found myself in my onesie fast asleep on the sofa in front of the tv! but i'm hoping to seriously push myself and blog more for you all! :) 

002. The main reason for no blogging yesterday was because it was my mums birthday! so my sister, her boyfriend and me created a wonderful meal for her in the afternoon then watched the new Tim Burton film Frankenweenie its a brilliant film -but, I must add, is a HUGE emotional rollercoster! 

003. Over the last week I've suddenly had huge inspiration to get fit, so iv been going to the gym, doing pilates and on Saturday morning I went on a 3 mile run with my boyfriend, which I will continue doing, so I've been feeling great!

Heres just a quick nail update, I haven't uploaded any nail posts for ages so I thought I'd go for it, Especially as my nails are looking slightly half decent at the moment, compared to normal!
its nice and simple as I wanted to try out the new bits I got from Topshop! :) 
I needed to get some new nail art brushes as my old ones are goners so I picked up some of them while I was there! 

so, here's the little nail design I've done, &it's super simple! 
this is one of my favourite nail vanishes It's China Glaze in the colour Cranberry Splash, a gorgeous sparkly red.
then, on top of this I've placed silver disks from the Nail Art gem packet and placed them at the bottom of my nail! Layered a top coat on, then TaaDaa! 
Finished :) 

Hope you guys like the post!
 &Comment below if there are any posts you'd like me to do! :) 

Have a wondeful week

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  1. Love the nails! I've recently started going to the gym as well so I now what you mean by feeling awesome after working out haha

    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! :)
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