Monday Portrait #5

Cardigan - H&M
Blouse - Topshop

001. Hello! well, what a super crazy week! This morning is my lie-in morning and at 7 am I got dragged out of bed by my lovely boyfriend as he'd lost his wallet somewhere in my room (which, i have to warn -is VERY easy to do..) so that took a good half hour to do! & then, out of no where it suddenly started snowing, and has continued to all day long! 

002. So, I've finally made up my mind to have a massive room clear-out, yes! at last! this means taking everything off the walls, re-painting, re-arranging, getting rid of or selling clothes and bags etc.. over the Easter Holidays! and i'm soo excited, I've all ready started selling unused items which I've never worn or used on eBay which is strangely exciting!

003. As per usual iv been up to my ears in college work but i couldn't resist having a bit pf a shopping spree on Saturday which was fab, I got the chance to raid all the shops, and get some ideas for my room once its done! I also stocked up on Sea Kelp tables and Cranberry tables from Holland & Barrett which are my favourite! :)

004. Saturday night, The family went out and took my mum out for a dinner for Mothers Day as my sister and I were working all day Sunday. We went to this gorgeous pub which had fairy lights wrapped round wooden panels on the ceiling and it was beautiful and so cosy looking! 
 Hope you all got up to something lovely on Mothers Day too!

Have a wonderful week! 

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