Flower Nails

Flower Nails

Hey guys, 
As you can tell..Heres another nail art tutorial for y'all to give a go!
These nails are very girly & I really enjoyed doing them, as you can also see, once broken down they're pretty simple to do!
all you need is:
-a selection of nail polishes you want to use (3colours)
-tiny brushes
& a black nail art pen!

Step1. I painted the base of my nails pink so its not too overpowering &it acts like a subtle background. I then dipped a cotton bud into a pinky/orange colour, the one I used was OPI Bright lights-Big colour.

Step2. Using my black nail art pen (these are available at most drug stores, &iv also seen them in topshop, uban outfitters and accessorize too) I then created black lines representing branches and also outlined the flower to give it shape.

Step3. After this, still using my nail art pen, I then added small dots around the ends of the 'branches' and inside the flower, for detail. 

Step4. Finally I took a small nail art paint brush and added my green leaves. To do this, I dipped my paint brush in to green paint and just randomly added green dots to the 'branches'. Then use your favorite top coat to make the look last longer! :) 

I hope you all enjoyed this quick tutorial & let me know what you think! 


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